nextpad   Next Pad Engineering Education Platform

nextpad is an engineering education& innovation platform specially developed by PANSINO for teachers and students of science and engineering , aimed to improve the teaching, experiment and innovation in various subjects. With the aid of graphic development , hardware integration of NI LabVIEWTM , nextpad delivers engineering education in a "most vivid, interactive and innovative" method.

LECT-120X   LECT-120X Electronic& Electric Lab Suite

To make the circuit experiment more effective , PANSINO designs and develops LECT-120X Electronic& Electric Lab Suite series products that are based on NI ELVIS and nextpad software platform. This series products include LECT-1201 Circuit Theory Lab Suite, LECT-1202 Analog Circuit Lab Suite and LECT-1203 Digital Circuit Lab Suite.

LECT-1101   LECT - 1101 Automatic Control Theory Lab suite

LECT-1101, as the automatic control theory lab suite, is developed by PANSINO for assisting professors implement the automatic control theory experiments efficiently and effectly. Based on NI engineering education platform ELVIS , LECT-1101 take advantage of virtual instrumentation technology and make the education and experiment more effective and vivid.

LECT-1204   LECT-1204 Electronic& Electric Concept Demo Suite

Electronic & electric concept demo suite LECT-1204 developed by PANSINO provides a new approach for electronic& electric education. This suite is designed and developed based on NI ELVIS and nextpad platform. Without any special wire-connection, teachers can demo nearly 27 REAL electronic& electric concept in class, such as Kirchhoff's law, D flip-flop. Also , by adjusting parameters instantly , LECT-1204 makes the teaching more real and effective.

LECT-1302   LECT-1302 Lab Suite for Fundamentals of Sensor

LECT-1302 lab suite is specially designed by PANSINO for experiment of fundamentals of sensor and test/measurement in colleges and universities. Through the close cooperation between NI ELVIS and nextpad platform, students and teachers can carry out nearly 20 experiments relating to sensor, helping the students understand and master working principle and characteristics of all kinds of sensor

USB Multifunction   USB Multifunction Instrument

nextkit is a USB multifunction instrument delicately designed by PANSINO for engineers, teachers and students. It can serve as a oscilloscope, a waveform generator, a frequency response analyzer and other commonly-used instrument. Through re-development, it can have self-definition of functions and can be widely applied in the fields such as product research and development, in-vehicle test, lab teaching and extracurricular projects.

LECT-3301   LECT-3301 ELVISmate Suite

LECT-3301 provides cable, electronics and tools which are necessary for NI ELVIS I/II platform and improves the utilization of NI ELVIS platform . What is more, for the new user, an entry-level experiment course is offered. The course Includes LabVIEW programming, ELVIS application and virtual instrument. Besides, source codes of eight major ELVIS basic experiments (including ELVISmate application in nextpad version).

eCAR Automotive Electronics   eCAR Automotive Electronics Test System

eCAR automotive electronics test system is a comprehensive test system developed by PANSINO based on its test experience over a decade. This system can provide a packaged solutions for automotive electronics test via expandable architecture and modular design. Besides, it can be restructured easily to carry out new test task.

PXI Chassis Armor Kit   PXI Chassis Armor Kit

PXI Chassis Armor Kit is specially designed to protect NI PXI 8-slot chassis from the outside environment, with shock-absorbing rubber as lining. It can effectively ease or avoid chassis deformation during transportation and application in the field and also protects the external port of controller and devices. The armor kit is made of aluminum alloy, high in structural strength. Therefore it is excellent in firmness as well as in reliability and stability, very widely accepted by the customers and used in various field applications.